Spann Island But It's 2018
Creator: JJEmpire64 || First Published: 04/21/2018 || Players: 2 || Size: 15x10
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JJEmpire64 (04/21/2018 11:07am | Edited: 04/21/2018 11:13am):
Countless wars have left Spann Island thoroughly destroyed. Entire cities fell into the sea, while the natural lake and
rivers flowing through the island were effectively dammed by several landfalls. It seemed as though Spann Island
would be nothing more than a reminder of the pointlessness of war.

But the will of its inhabitants was not so easily broken. Together, they built new cities on the island to house those who
now lacked a home, while they also took advantage of the natural damming process to fill in the old lake and rivers,
adding new ground to the island. Today, Spann Island is a rising community that has not seen war for a long time...

...until today.

This is the year 2018. Welcome back to Spann Island.
JJEmpire64 (04/21/2018 11:09am):
This was more or less a joke map made for fun, but if you guys see anything that could be improved for this map,
post away.
a9977321 (04/21/2018 11:04pm):
FTA counters? Towers? Also the map can be more open in the centre.
ActivistVictor (04/22/2018 12:09am):
Dat backstory tho. Would make for a good mission if they every actually make another game
Jackie Milton (04/24/2018 11:36pm):
Spann Island, but it's [current year]
Xmo5 (04/25/2018 08:18am):
An island's an island, no matter its spann
Fill in its rivers and make it all land
It's always been said that wars not make one great
But conflict is conflict and peace talks don't sate
An island's an island, and I'm a big fan
Meta Rexy (07/26/2018 08:23pm):
You should just call it spann island WWIII and line it with launched missile silos.

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