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Florida Nights (Design Map by CjToast)
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Shadow Star (04/29/2018 01:40am):
So, the land masses are quite pleasing. But, there's three very glaring issues that I have with this map. (and
some smaller ones that are just subsets of those three)

1. FTA. this is the biggest one. here, Green earth can build on both bases first, start capturing the neutral base
first, and finish building on the neutral base first. they'll be the first one to capture the airports, and the ports,
and they should be the first one to finish capturing everything. We normally offset this by half a turn in any way
that functions best for the given situation. with two starting bases a starting infantry can fix that, but, with the
APC it's not really accurate for this map.

2. Property clumping. So, almost all of the property is right next to each other. there's just too many production
facilities for being so close together. And, because of that, there's not a lot of areas where you can push
forward and gain any ground against youre opponent as all units are being ferried or convoyed without really
having anywhere to pause and capture or set up a new defensive point.

3. Funds, you have 13 property per side, but you also have 7 production facilities per side. 13 property is low
for 3 bases, much less adding in two airports, or two seaports. There just needs to be more funding to start
making things happen.

So, ultimately, you should have an fta counter of some sort added onto this map. Add some more cities, and
spread out the existing property. (you could also cut back on one of the ports and maybe give people a starting
lander or something so that they feel that there's a use for using the sea.)

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