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Tresure Hunt 5P (Design Map by a9977321)
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a9977321 (04/29/2018 03:45am):
Alpha version
This map is a 5P map, with 4 expedition teams and BH the ghost fleet.

CO banlist: All mass damage and missile damage COs, Broken 5.
Unit ban=everything but infs & mechs
Funds per property=100
Starting funds=10000

Different advantages of each team
OS: Air force & Carriers, no bships though
BM: 5 cites at the beginning & Mass Indirect supports and antiair troopers
GE: Larger fleet
YC: Additional squad of subs & precious bboats
BH: Though being 8T Javier, BH is unlikely to win(Win by rout is the only possible way).
knocklok (07/28/2018 05:14am):
i find BH not necessary, although you mentioned before that to prevent troops from not moving. But
since its FOW, players can use this as strategy like doing picks or marching forward whatsoever. BH
on the other hand is invincible (assuming Javier is used obviously), BH can't win but can choose to let
whoever win or lose by just go to one player's starting area and screw them over. At the end, its just
my opinion.

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