Creator: EZ || First Published: 05/02/2018 || Players: 2 || Size: 21x21
Categories: Casual Play, Innovative
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EZ (05/02/2018 02:00pm | Edited: 05/02/2018 02:02pm):
A map designed for perma-snow play... hence the very creative name!

My idea was to force air units & mechs, since they are more mobile in snow (on non-
roads) the possibility for piperunner & naval unit usage is there too. You might even see
a few APCs here and there?

The Mega Tank's function is entirely to prevent positioning piperunners at unreachable
spots (for direct attacks) in the corners. They are on labs for extra defense and for vision
in case you play this map with FoW (just so you don't forget that they are there :p).
Speaking of FoW, due to the many forests this map might play very horrible with FoW.
Do not recommend.

Average funds per player will be 30k and players start with 4k income each, which
allows you to buy 1 mech and 1 inf, which is also the reason I gave player2 a Mech to
start with. I think the FTA counter is good enough but I am open for suggestions on
better ones (note that the FTA counter is designed for snow usage and is not perfect
when playing without snow although it's not the worst thing either since the Mech can
ensure immediate income too in that case).

As for CO Bans (besides the obvious Olaf ban when playing with snow) I think you can
figure out your own preference but let me point out a few things regardless:
- Kindle is most likely very strong here (just look at the city density!)
- Grit is probably worse than usually (since there is only 1 base to deploy Artys/Rockets
from and you will likely end up having a bunch of air units flying around anyway)
- Javier can potentially get 2 Towers here...
- Sonja will have a good time with all those mountains & forests when playing with FoW
(again: do not recommend)

Other COs to think about:
- VB/Sturm (Heavy terrain + Extra Defense = Ugh)
- Eagle/Max (Air battles)
- Lash (Can "ignore" snow for a turn + Heavy terrain)
- Drake (Can "deactivate" the snow for a turn... although that is kinda cool actually?)
- Sami (Looots of Mechs... but I think worse air units will hurt her enough to make her not
a problem)
walkerboh01 (05/03/2018 03:50am):
Interesting idea. I'm a little skeptical about how well games will go with all the heavy terrain. I think snow-based
maps really need more light terrain than usual or there just aren't enough movement options to prevent
EZ (05/03/2018 05:30pm):
You're probably right tbh
But I thought I would give it a try and see how it goes
Zeronix (04/30/2019 04:00pm | Edited: 04/30/2019 04:01pm):
also, air units kind of suck in snow. B copters have a measly 3 move, lol.
I feel like snow meta is just a draggy meta where nothing can move much and the game becomes an indirect stalemate.

Discounting that, i think it could be an interesting map for regular weather play.

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