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Blossoming Defense (Design Map by Persephone)
Categories: New

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the-deadly-shadow (05/11/2018 03:28am):
Income seems quite low. Using B copters will be dificult.

In addition, there are some crucial mountains. Arty spamm 4 life!

You might consider interchanging the position of the airport with the position of a
forward city.
Xmo5 (05/11/2018 08:55am):
I think the funding is fine for 2 base+airport. With a 3rd base you'd need at least a
couple more cities, but it should be fine as is. I think the front will probably form just
in front of those mountains, so they probably won't be an issue in and of themselves,
however, the cluster of heavy terrain (a couple of cities and a few forests) at the mouth
of that chokepoint could become problematic. They seem to make too convenient of a wall,
making it too easy to meatshield there.

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