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Beachfront Resort (Design Map by BurningStarFour)
Categories: New

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BurningStarFour (05/12/2018 09:11pm):
The idea is to force two beachfront... fronts. Beachfronts? However, there is little terrain defense to be had
other than the resorts themselves. I do worry about possible stalemates here, but maybe with some dedication
to attaining air and sea indirect support, the tides (badum tch) can be turned.

Comments and critiques welcome. While I hope this is an enjoyable, playable map, I have wanted to design
something like this for a while.
Last Edited on 05/12/2018 09:13pm
walkerboh01 (05/13/2018 12:29pm):
I like the overall layout. Having most of the properties be out of the way of the fronts and concentrated more
heavily on the outside should make the capture phase somewhat unique. I would personally move the towers to
the mainland (maybe where the labs are?), and add a way for each player to get an airport a bit quicker. That will
help prevent stalemates.

Because the map is relatively narrow, the biggest concern will be for it to turn into a single front battle, where a
wall of units stretches from the top to the bottom. The best ways to prevent this are through contested city
positioning and heavy terrain placement. You might consider using heavier terrain near the bases to initially direct
units to one front or the other (while leaving the option to have high mobility near the fronts due to the shoals). For
city positioning, you'll want to create a situation where one country is able to take a city that will be difficult for
them to hold long-term. This generally requires a bit of play-testing to get right.

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