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Three Player (Design Map by THEdarkkman)
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Rating: 5.00 in 1 rating
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wilkyb (05/13/2018 02:59pm):
looks cool, but I think there's only 1 way the game can go, and that is by rushing the airport

there is no chance in hell that a player can end the game without the airport, so for that reason alone I
give it a 5 because it looks like it plays just fine, but there are no alternate routes to win the game
Last Edited on 05/13/2018 02:59pm
Shadow Star (05/13/2018 03:27pm):
So, it's really choked. Everything that isn't air units or mechs will have hampered movement, or be forced through one tile wide chokepoints. This, is something that really slows down gameplay, and limits the players choices.

With 31 property, each country should get on average 10. Which, is barely enough for a battlecopter. With the maps constrained size, there isn't a lot of time to build up any significant force besides infantry, mechs, and other low costed units.
The capture phase is also very short, only offering about 2 cities per. as the remaining 3 airports and 2 cities are going to be fought over. This isn't necessarily a problem, but it means that there's not a lot of time to disrupt the capture phase,
and after the capture phase there's not a lot of headway people can make as most property is safely protected.

As the airports are all locked behind mountans, there's not a lot of concern for airports to be locked down by AA. but it's not a bad idea to just park an infantry on it to protect it and just leave it there producing funds.

it takes OS and BM 5 turns to start capturing the airports up by GE, and 5 turns to start capturing the aiport between them (OS will get to it first, FTA, we'll talk about that later) GE on the other hand is 4 turns away from the upper airports, and
5 turns from the southern airport. GE is however an extra turn away from two of their neutral property. Putting them at a noticable disadvantage in the rate of capturing.

With all the forests and chokepoints, most units won't be doing a lot. There may be some early recons (as you have given each country 6 starting property) But in general most units are going to be infantry, mechs, and artillery. As they provide
the best movement through the terrain, as well as the best options considering the chokepoints.

So, FTA. FTA is First Turn advantage. it's part of turn based games. Ideally we want to minimize the effects of going first. Common mistakes when explaining away FTA is that player 1 moves, then player 2 can do the same thing. This
unfortunately doesn't mean equal.but rather think of it like walking. It would be like taking a step with one foot, then the second foot never passes the first, instead stepping up to the same point as the first foot. (2 player example, it works for 3
as the point is still there about never passing each other)
For a 3 player game, You will want BM to have a slight advantage over OS, and GE to have a slight advantage over OS and BM. it may seem counterintuitive to balance, but it gives GE a much more equal chance as they build last. To be
completely honest, with the amount of starting property you have on the map, coupled with the small size, I don't have any real suggestions to combat FTA without changing the way the map will flow.

Terrain, Kinda goes back to the whole, chokepoints, and whatnot I mentioned earlier. but, you have a lot of terrain. Forests, mountains, and rivers can look nice, bu they can also get in the way of gameplay. It's not necessarily a bad thing to
have a lot of terrain if there's a goal in mind for it. But, if the terrain is going to limit what options people can do, it should really be done in a way that helps shape the gameflow to be varied instead of locking people into just a few strategies.
More terrain doesn't necessarily mean better terrain.

What units were you hoping people would focus on? Is the game going to be played in Fog of War? How easy should it be to build two artillery to block off an area, how fast should tanks and recons be able to travel? these are the kinds of
questions that should be asked when adding terrain that can hinder movement.

I wouldn't say this is a great map, But as it looks to be your first one, I'll tell you this, odd numbered player maps are tricky to work with. it's a lot easier to start with 2 and 4 player maps and work with symmetry.

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