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Urban Darkness (Design Map by ChrisRedfield)
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Rating: 7.50 in 4 ratings
Map Committee Rating: 0 in 0 ratings
ChrisRedfield (05/15/2018 10:34pm):
This map is designed to be FFA with limited funds (no income). Anything over 100k starting
funds should be good for a map of this size (I personally recommend 150-200k). Fog is
recommended, however this map is perfectly playable with no fog. The missile silos are
incorporated as a way to incentivize players who don't camp/turtle on a map with no
income. I thought about comm towers instead, but that can get a little crazy in large
quantities... that and it would call for a Xavier ban. I don't want a Xavier ban cuz he is

Set bans how you like, but I recommend that you ban Colin and Grit. Hachi might need to be
banned if funds are set over 200k.

Please leave positive comments and constructive feedback below. Yes, I know terrain is
weird, but yeah let me know what you think.
knocklok (05/17/2018 01:49am):
I think the map is a bit dull since there aren't much in this map except silos
a9977321 (05/17/2018 11:44am):
Silos might lead to FTA issues, though they do work against turtling.
Xmo5 (05/17/2018 11:52am):
With all those silos and no income, it'll just turn into the battle of a bunch of 1 HP
units that can't be healed or replaced. You'd have a similar problem with income, but not
quite as bad.
ChrisRedfield (05/18/2018 04:25pm):
After a test play, I'll address the FTA issues.

Also if you can provide an alternative to fight turtling on a no income map let me know.
Only two I can think of are comm towers and silos, although labs might be a consideration.
Tmi489 (08/27/2018 02:28pm):
I wonder if being closer to the bigger silo areas is actually a good thing.
but being closer than your neighbors is definitely better.

Silos are fun but encourage inf spam, would make another limited funds map for another way to stop turtling
Last Edited on 08/27/2018 02:29pm

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