Major Reconstruction
Creator: EZ || First Published: 05/16/2018 || Players: 2 || Size: 20x20
Categories: A-Rank, Under Review
Rating: 7.50 in 2 ratings
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EZ (05/16/2018 02:28pm | Edited: 05/16/2018 02:44pm):
I have absolutely no idea how this map will actually play. The big gimmick here is obviously the 5
landers which are essentially one-way tickets to the other side. The sub's purpose is prevent the other
player from permanently blocking the path with any air units. The ports are there for refueling obviously.

To get to use the missile silo will require some 'work' (funds) Arty+AA most likely + it gives the other
player a bunch of charge (that you usually wouldn't get from a missile shot).
walkerboh01 (05/16/2018 09:00pm):
It's a neat concept, but I think it's obvious that the base with the landers will end up losing their foothold on the
offload point. At that point I'm afraid the map will stalemate. Would be interested to see a game or two though.
EZ (05/17/2018 02:10am):
Yea exactly what I was thinking tbh
I think the concept is OK but the execution of the gimmick could quite possibly be
executed better. I had a second tower instead of the missile silo there before to further
help preventing potential stale mates, although I guess missile silos work just as well in
that regard.

That's also the reason I added all those forests, to make going in that direction less
attractive for the other 2 bases. Not sure if it works tho...
And it's the reason that there are 3 airports and why I gave the lander base the airport
"for free" to further strengthen it early on.

But yea all of that most likely still isn't enough :/
walkerboh01 (05/17/2018 03:48am):
I think part of the problem is that the actual contested parts of the map are a bit too small, because you took up a
lot of real estate with the piped off areas in the corners. Your idea with having the central bases interact through
the center is a good one, but I think it's probably not enough yet.

You also have a lot of different gimmicks going on at once - if you simplified the map so that the main focus is the
transport gimmick, I think you could execute it better. By which I mean, removing the piped fighters and missiles,
the t-copters, the piped preowned towers, etc.
EZ (05/17/2018 10:32pm):
Thank you again for sharing your thoughts! You basically confirmed what I was already
thinking in that the Lander gimmick just took too much space. But instead of removing
the other gimmicks I decided to remove the Lander gimmick altogether, as I can always
keep it in mind for another map and I think it would've probably not really worked out
anyway without completely altering the map, at which point I might as well just start a
new map haha

I also decided to turn this a 2 tower map. However taking the 2nd tower is even harder
than the missile silo was before. I think this map should play a lot nicer now, what do you
walkerboh01 (05/18/2018 01:09am):
I agree, it should play better. The timing of breaking the central pipe seam is an interesting decision to make. You
might consider removing about 1/3 of the forests in the big clump and making one of the towers preowned.

The thing to watch for in playtests is the timing of capturing the cities between (for example) the AB HQ and the
PC lone base. You may need to tweak the positioning of the neutral cities depending how the capture phase
develops - if it's too contested, the lone base will fall quickly and a lot of the intrigue of the map will be lost.
EZ (05/18/2018 10:32pm | Edited: 05/19/2018 08:24am):
Tried something more wild and delayed the 2 base side. Due to potential HQ rush
problems (but since I liked the general position of the HQ I kept it) I also turned this into
a 2 lab map.

I am not completely sure if the FTA counter still works well enough, but the 1 base side
has some quick easy funding options, so it might actually work since PC goes first on
that. Also added a third path for the 1 base side but pipe seam'd one of the previous
paths. And another pipe seam on the 2 base side, which would open up a new better
route for the further away base (with the help of another little gimmick... which I hope but
think does not interfere with gameplay too much besides that... I had trouble making the
route right next to it worthwhile for the far base without rendering the pipe seam break
pointless, so I figured an extra movement for Tanks/Infs on that route could be a good
enough reason to break it open).

I also removed some of the forests. But since many of them were 'functional' placements
(to slow down movement obv.) I couldn't really get rid of too many without overpowering
the 2 base side.

Also decided to BBoat the middle airport again, since it would otherwise 'counter' the 1
base side's airport a little too much for my taste.

Right now the last thing I am *really* debating is whether or not the 2 base side lab is too
hard to capture realistically (beside the early game phase where it might be possible
with a rush)... but maybe it's fine. Once a player can overtake the 1 base side the
match will probably be decided already. Or in the mid game phase the middle pipe
seams probably get opened too, which really just turns this map into 3 base VS 3 base
(+ airports). So it might actually work just fine.

Again, let me know what you think :D
Love the feedback!

Edit: WOW I somehow managed to sent this comment exactly 24 hours after my last one
eeliigaa (09/04/2019 06:14pm):
This map is unintuitive AF. Like oh my god this better not make its way to Global.
eeliigaa (09/04/2019 06:22pm | Edited: 09/04/2019 06:23pm):
lolwut bugs pls
clarecat44 (10/18/2019 03:55am):
What's wrong with having to think?

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