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Fractal river (Design Map by lamty101)
Categories: New

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a9977321 (05/17/2018 11:51am):
The front greatly favoured inf+arty as the frontline tend to be separate, narrow( I
believe you will deploy your troops around the line of tower) and easy to block with infs
with 4 base setup up. Also you should have a better FTA counter for 3 bases 4k staring
income setting.
lamty101 (05/19/2018 11:51am):
Maybe I will make the front (eg on the left) near tower more south. I had added quite many mountain
because I were wary of Max overpowering (wide 33 x 23 map with 27000 fund). Will it?

I simply built everything else after adding the river, which is a Koch snowflake at 3nd iteration.
Last Edited on 05/19/2018 11:55am
a9977321 (05/20/2018 12:46am):
Having a more contested tower is good for gameplay imo.

For FTA counters you need to give AB player an inf on 1 base and a preowned city for them,
which should locate within the reach of GS's day1 inf.
mech2000 (05/24/2018 01:43pm):
Just finished a game on this map. It was pretty OK. Although the early game was a little
bit 'empty' due to how big the map is, so it took a while for the first confrontations to
happen. But again, overall it was an enjoyable game.

However I think that there currently is some STA, since AB will get the the neutral base
first too, essentially letting them go first on all fronts / 3 of the 4 bases. I would keep the
middle infantry but remove the one on right side and add a city next the GS base (3
spaces right of the AB blackboat)

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