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Colony Point (Design Map by BurningStarFour)
Categories: New

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BurningStarFour (05/18/2018 02:30pm):
Eh. We'll see.
wilkyb (05/19/2018 07:53am):
I've never played a map with naval units, but I've read that they are nearly impossible to balance. But this
map looks pretty cool despite my inexperience
BurningStarFour (05/19/2018 10:44am):
Well, I wanted to find a way around the issues that come with island maps - essentially it seems the biggest
issue is that you have a hard time advancing on an island map. So in this scenario, I made it possible for you
to advance from the beginning to establish a foothold, which makes the naval units more for support than for
attack. If you ignore the sea, your opponent can save up for a carrier to lock your only airport, limiting you to
ground forces. Because of the pipe seams, you will likely have to send air units through the sea to create a
second front against your enemy's foothold making cruisers a necessity. I tried to create lots of needs here. But
we will see. I'm not crazy about the aesthetics on this one and I won't know how my intentions will work until I
play on it.
wilkyb (05/19/2018 06:25pm):
I'll play some games on this map with you. I would like some experience with naval units myself. Maybe I'll
include them in my next map
Last Edited on 05/19/2018 06:25pm

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