Channel Two
Creator: FoxMaps || First Published: 06/14/2018 || Players: 2 || Size: 32x14
Categories: A-Rank
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walkerboh01 (06/15/2018 12:46am):
This is pretty nice. Main concern for me is how exposed the HQs are - it's basically a 3v1 base situation
Xmo5 (06/15/2018 09:35am):
Looks fair and balanced to me, but I agree with Walker's point (which also applies to the
towers to some extent). Also, there aren't many contested cities to fight over- it just
feels like everything is concentrated on the thin strip of land between the HQ and the
water/shoals and there's a lot of unused space behind the bases.
a9977321 (06/16/2018 02:52am):
Corners are unused and contest properties are just around the HQ and tower. But bships
might shine here given they can effetively reinforce 2 fronts with an air superiority in

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