Dark Arena
Creator: jhojoe || First Published: 01/08/2006 || Players: 4 || Size: 30x30
Categories: None
Rating: 5.61 in 31 ratings
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golden_cow2 (01/08/2006 12:24pm):
Neutral property needed.
Midway (01/08/2006 12:25pm):
why does everyone have three HQ's??
Brio (03/23/2006 06:09pm | Edited: 03/23/2006 06:09pm):
there are neutral properties
Brio (03/23/2006 06:09pm):
ther are only 1 Hq per team, ya dumb*ss
nyvelion2 (07/16/2006 04:49am):
the map was editted
jhuni (08/13/2006 04:07pm):
Bland/fta 4/10
The Shifting Shadows (09/18/2007 03:24pm | Edited: 09/18/2007 03:27pm):
FTA HOW? Isn't this just for teams West vs East? ether way too much active bases. And the
Outside Sea Area is too chocky 4/10
totenkopf (05/04/2008 03:14pm):
how can i play?

Falconewing (02/19/2009 01:59pm):
If you are going to make pipe segments, then you have to do it the RIGHT WAY.FAIL
airob (04/05/2009 07:02pm):
falco...this map has 3 years of being made...most probably the creator will not be around
RoyalSunset (01/04/2012 07:44pm):
I found this map interesting in fog of war

Nyvelion (08/20/2014 09:03am):
I didn't find this map interesting under any circumstances.

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