Creator: Walker Boh || First Published: 06/03/2018 || Players: 2 || Size: 17x17
Categories: A-Rank, Fog of War
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Walker Boh (06/03/2018 03:45am | Edited: 06/03/2018 03:45am):
Fog of war map based heavily on wyj_0081's map, 1vs1 凡尔登:
dudeman33 (06/03/2018 06:49pm):
Looks nothing like verdun. Alot of french soldiers died and your not honoring them.
walkerboh01 (06/03/2018 07:20pm):
It's based on a different Verdun.
Jackie Milton (06/03/2018 09:03pm):
What about his not-honoring-them?
Xmo5 (06/04/2018 09:09am):
Also, I'm sorry for the death of their alot.
wyj_0081 (06/05/2018 04:16am):
looks good
a9977321 (06/10/2018 01:23am):
After a brief test, I felt that this map is similar to the original version. There are
some main differences however.
1 Easier infantry access to the centre.
This helps the capture phase a lot.

2 Relatively unfirendly terrian for recons
While the centre is still the recon playground, recons are harder to maneuver in the side
of the map. They are essential in the gameplay given the limited number of mountain tiles
in the map. Friendlier terrian's required as a result.

3 Corner mountains
I felt ok with their posiiton since it can offer some defense bonus as well as a fort for
arties in the corner. It also gives critical vision as well. Given the number of cities at
the corner the mountain tiles will play a critical role in the battle. I think it a good
idea to have those mountains, but possible concerns include mountains blocking tank
assault, therefore encouraging stalemates. Maybe some repositioning can make it a lesser

4 Relatively empty centre
Old version has 2 close towers in the centre, therefore encouraging centre battles and
maneuvering around the 2 towers. Current version has 2 cities playing a similar role.
Since cities are of minor importance the centre conflicts are somehow discouraged. Of
course maneuvering is still important for COs like Max, but a static gameplay seemed to be
possible unlike older version.

I am not a really good player and my comments on the map are therefore for reference only.
walkerboh01 (06/15/2018 05:33am):
I think your comments are apt. The map certainly needs some changes in the center and with the
mountain positions.

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