Impietas + Deathwish
Creator: Bamboozle || First Published: 06/06/2018 || Players: 2 || Size: 17x21
Categories: A-Rank, Under Review
Rating: 6.75 in 4 ratings
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mech2000 (06/07/2018 05:18pm):
Really liking the general look of this map. Not so sure how the fronts will be though.
I feel like the 1 base side could get another shoal bride close to it's base right next to the
pipe (for AB, this would be 2 above the city that the pipe ends in). This would also help
re-inforcing the 1 base side from the neutral base if needed. Right now, this lone base
really only has 1 path that it can possibly take (straight forward)... as I doubt that sending
units to the back will happen besides the very early capture phase. But maybe that's
what you went for anyway.
clarecat44 (10/12/2019 10:09am):
This map has the possibility of some rather annoying black boat blocking occuring. It'd be
better if either the boats can be confined to one side of the map, or have 2-tile wide black boat
paths to allow a path if the opponent decides to block your boat.

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