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8+8=16 (Design Map by mech2000)
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mech2000 (06/09/2018 02:59pm):
16 player maps are now possible OMGPLZ :0
Jackie Milton (06/09/2018 03:52pm):
Eagle852 (06/10/2018 03:42pm):
how about making the two sides even?
Seems like a huge FTA for the west...
mech2000 (06/10/2018 03:51pm):
West side mechs are 1 spot further back. I think that's the best I could do here, or do you
have any better ideas?

I am up for suggestions that wouldn't change the country positions (e.g. having
ABABABABABABABAB instead of AAAAAAAABBBBBBBB) as I kinda like the simply
team order for this rather simple map and it should be kinda funny if 8 enemy players
activate their (S)COPs one after another. But I guess having AAAABBBBBBBBAAAA
wouldn't have been too bad. Might change it to that.

Another idea I think that might work would be turning the first city on the left side to
enemy pre-owned. But I am usually not a fan of these as they are ugly from an
aesthetics standpoint.

Update: Decided that I would give the city style FTA counter a try... on top of the pre-
deployed Mechs still slightly in favor for the right side, since the left side would still have
a positional advantage by going first on top of having the better funding curve. Should be
more fair now!
Last Edited on 06/11/2018 06:48am

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