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The Long road (Design Map by Shadow Star)
Categories: Casual Play, Team Play

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Shadow Star (06/10/2018 10:00pm):
Ho-kay. THis here's a 16 player map, designed for teams. What teams you might ask?

8 teams of 2 ABCD EFGH HGFE DCBA
4 teams of 4 ABCD CDAB BADC DCBA
2 teams of 8 ABAB BABA ABAB BABA

Do not, I repeat, do not play this FFA. also deviating from the above team setup can result in some very
problematic results.

And yes, the irony of the name of the map with roads that are all quite short considering the size of the map is
not without purpose.
Last Edited on 06/10/2018 10:05pm
ChrisRedfield (06/12/2018 07:12pm):
Yay a map with the new factions!

Meta Rexy (08/06/2018 01:55am):
Your team layout, especially for two teams, seems to favour some
players and screw others over. Red and grey are so far away from
anybody while Orange and yellow are surrounded by hostiles.
Shadow Star (09/28/2018 03:06pm):
Teams are still being adjusted. Balancing turn order, adjusting where players are. since most sections have three
players, having 2, 4, or 8 teams is a bit difficult. if the games would finish I am planning on removing a few of the
pipeseams to adjust for game flow.

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