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First FIFTEEN Player Map (Design Map by Tmi489)
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Rating: 3.00 in 2 ratings
Map Committee Rating: 0 in 0 ratings
Tmi489 (06/10/2018 10:54pm):
it is here
and it is unbalanced af
Left v BD v Right or All v BD
Last Edited on 09/23/2018 10:05pm
Meta Rexy (08/11/2018 03:21pm):
A landmark new map for this site. :) You get dibs on first one!
Tmi489 (09/09/2018 03:21pm):
Rebalanced = added infantry near allies and on your base, and a mech at hq, removed bd bases
Last Edited on 09/09/2018 06:03pm
friendlyold (09/09/2018 10:35pm):

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