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Swirlies Past (Design Map by Raspberry)
Categories: New

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Raspberry (06/13/2018 01:19am):
Two armies revisit an old, decrepit battlefield...

This is a remake of Swirly Pass: http://awbw.amarriner.com/prevmaps.php?maps_id=14982
I remade my own map. ^^;;; I don't know if I've improved at map-making any in 12 years,

Also I haven't playtested because I'm bad at AW ^^;;;;;
Last Edited on 06/13/2018 03:59am
walkerboh01 (06/15/2018 12:49am):
Seems alright to me! The one thing that jumps out to me is that all of the fighting will more or less funnel
into one front down the center. There isn't a lot of potential for side action or for the front to be split, which
will make games kind of one-dimensional. Hard to change without drastically altering the core structure of
the map though.
Raspberry (07/03/2018 08:20pm):
I wonder if this map would play better north vs south instead of east vs west? It might
not work well because this map is so small, though...

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