Creator: Persephone || First Published: 06/14/2018 || Players: 2 || Size: 22x16
Categories: A-Rank
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a9977321 (06/16/2018 02:57am):
Here is a map where 1st tcopter is almost necessary.... But should you go for an early
tank you might have edges in fights over central cities. In FOW it might bring forth
interesting matchups given those choices, but the HQ area is a little choky to assault in
airob (03/02/2019 03:42pm | Edited: 03/02/2019 03:42pm):
I believe the 4 centermost cities (2 for each country) are safely uncontested. The only contested cities are
the ones bettween the sea and pipes. I think the most logical and best option is to always get the base first, as
unit number dissadvantage on small maps are generally critical, even more in early game.

The FTA counter is also off. If both countries follow the fastest route to the corner base (getting as many funds
as possible and building T copter as fast as possible) the first country still gets the base first due to how the
funds scale up. (second country falls short of 1k for T copter on the turn it should get it).

Lastly, it is also better to use an infantry from the mainland to get the base instead of the mountain locked one,
as that would imply one extra turn to capture the base.
Zeronix (06/05/2019 07:57am):
Yeah, the main issue with this map is that it stalemates down the middle. Low-tier A-rank in its current edition.

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