1vs1 Issus
Creator: wyj_0081 || First Published: 06/19/2018 || Players: 2 || Size: 21x21
Categories: S-Rank, Global League, Under Review, Fog of War
Rating: 6.20 in 15 ratings
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wyj_0081 (06/19/2018 10:20am):
for fog

Sami-YingXiangLi (08/25/2018 04:16pm):
I found this map is “Beyond Eternity”map's fog style.

In Fog Global League, it becomes even more important which bases build which units per turn,
because they usually need 2 turn to reach the fighting front, which is a great test of players'estimates of
the front and the judgment of their opponents.
knocklok (09/13/2018 12:44am):
takes too long to spawn due to its geography, thats why i found this map boring
Sami-YingXiangLi (08/25/2019 11:21pm):
Placing in Under Review. it's updated in the HQ area.
cowsheeppig (02/25/2020 03:19am):
The blackboat on the HQ is misleading. I can't believe
people make maps that grant the attacker of HQ so
much vantage. Feeling weird for the first time playing,
and should be boring for the second time.

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