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Another Generic Map 3 (Design Map by Strinabre)
Categories: Casual Play

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Strinabre (07/01/2018 06:50am):
Lab unit : Piperunner
wilkyb (07/12/2018 11:26am):
I like it

One thing to remind yourself when designing a map is how players are capable of losing? What turn is a
player capable of losing at? What objectives on the map change because of this? How will players have to
adjust for this possibility of losing? The more ways there are to lose a game, the more deviations there are from the
typical economy - army boom meta that is seen in a lot of low-to-mid tier maps. In these types of maps, there are very
few objectives to pursue because the threat of losing is singular, thus, players pursue the same objective and the game is
ended decisively and instantly when that objective is lost. Allowing for a wide variety of strategies to win the game, I think,
is very important to make games great.

I think placing the HQ's within capture distance (closer to the middle of the map) really changes up the
meta. I would suggest moving these HQ's maybe two spaces closer to the midle of the map. Capture of the HQ is more of
an all-in strategy, but I try to design my map Echo Ridge in a way where you could win in a variety of different ways: HQ
capture, double comm tower capture, capturing contested city locations (near the centre of the map) and fighting a war of
attrition (attack to destroy and then go back and heal on a city with fewer losses). There is also the potential to rush the
opponents southern most base and surprise them with an attack on their 3rd.

On this map I see two ways to win: capture the bottom comm towers & win the sea, or win the air fight in
the top lane where maneuvering ground units is more difficult.
Last Edited on 07/12/2018 11:39am
wilkyb (07/12/2018 11:30am):
I think a really cool idea for a map would be to put the HQ's and starting factories very near the centre of
the map, where you could potentially try to crush the opponent if they decide to venture towards the
borders of the map (where the grey cities and bases would be). I have this problem on Echo Ridge where
there is really no option to play hyper-aggressive like this.
wilkyb (07/12/2018 11:32am):
I'd like to work on a map where you can be fighting your opponent from the get-go, or you can play the
economy game. Echo Ridge doesn't have that early game potential right now, but it's still unique of it's
own and I'm having lots of fun with it
Last Edited on 07/12/2018 11:33am

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