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a festering pit of shrieking, howling malcontents (Design Map by friendlyold)
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friendlyold (07/03/2018 12:57am):
Labo units: Piperunner

Best used with ABBA team play, but can be used for FFA if you really want.
Last Edited on 07/07/2018 10:00pm
Meta Rexy (07/08/2018 03:37am):
Comm towers being central properties gives whoever captures
it a decisive advantage. Capture two and you're gonna win
most fights. The bases are heavily choked, and bases as
central properties are also unbalanced. Ships are also very
limited in their abilities given how tiny the sea is.

Serious balance issues. I think you should remove the pipes
and put something else there. Like another path, or at least
different terrain.
friendlyold (07/09/2018 03:56am):
If you capture more essential central properties before your opponent and prevent your opponent from taking
them, you will win.

Current layout temporary for a gimmick playtest, those middle islanf 4 bases will go back to being cities soon
Last Edited on 07/09/2018 03:58am

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