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ME 5 plr (Design Map by friendlyold)
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Rating: 4.00 in 1 rating
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friendlyold (07/01/2018 10:34pm):
Silos are meant to represent allied nation airstrikes. Some properties start out contested.
Acid Rain - Syrian government
Brown Desert - Iraq government
Black Hole - ISIS
Jade Sun - Turkey
Amber Blaze - Kurdistan
Last Edited on 07/18/2018 01:32am
Meta Rexy (07/14/2018 12:08pm):
Poor design. Grey doesn't even have an HQ and is piped off from
all fighting. BH cannot expand and it's HQ is vulnerable to brown.
OS has no hq either. No presence of air units from Syrian
government or Americans.

Has a lot of design issues. 3/10
friendlyold (07/14/2018 09:49pm):
do you understand what a "ghost" is
Schreck (07/16/2018 07:25pm):
If Grey Sky units were covering the properties in the main gameplay region that's one thing, but it's
completely useless in this case. This map would benefit if you would just replace the pipes with more
vacant silo tiles and developed more armies for those empty countries.
friendlyold (07/16/2018 08:52pm):
My group doesn't really have more than 5 players (3 is the usual sometimes 4 but then he gets kicked for afk) so
that's not possible
Last Edited on 07/16/2018 08:52pm
friendlyold (07/18/2018 12:59am):
This map is offically apart of the hackerman legacy

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