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Echo Ridge July 2018 (Design Map by wilkyb)
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Meta Rexy (07/06/2018 04:51am):
The comm tower placement pretty much means whoever takes both
gains a decisive advantage over the other. Also the fronts seem road
heavy. Not sure how disruptive recons can be here.

wilkyb (07/06/2018 10:48am):
Since it's such a large map I want there to be numerous ways to win/loss the game. Right now the
three game-ending objectives and they are the HQ capture, comm tower capture, and base capture. You
can also win by sniping off your opponents units and then retreating back to go heal. Eventually you'll
have a bigger army than your opponent!

Recons are definitely a really good unit to produce throughout the entire game because of their speed
and vision (mind you I play with FoW on always). It is a bit road-heavy but it is helpful with deploying
units like rockets. I've been making changes with every version.

I like to keep the road / plains ratio close because of Koal and Jake. I think they're both quite good on
this map!
Last Edited on 07/06/2018 10:50am
Xmo5 (07/09/2018 09:19am):
I wouldn't ever worry about making Koal a valid choice. Koal would still be a bad choice
if a map were entirely made of roads. First, there are much better powers (day-to-day and
(S)COP) than Koal's (even on a map of all roads... Max comes to mind, but he's not the
only one) and second, you usually want to avoid attacking from roads at all costs. Koal's
power encourages you to attack from a bad position and leave yourself open to a worse
counterattack in exchange for a marginal increase in firepower. Positioning is far more
important unless you're dealing a critical, game-deciding blow.

Jake also isn't that great as far as COs go. His d2d is nice, but not great (still
outclassed by many others) and his powers can be underwhelming. They may be more useful in
fog where his indirect range comes into play more, but outside of fog, getting hit by
indirects means you already made a mistake. Typically Lash is a better version of Jake,
and she's fairly average in terms of CO strength. (Note how, unlike Koal and even Jake,
Lash encourages attacking from the most ideal terrain at all times. You want to be on high
defense terrain normally, and the better it is defensively, the better it is offensively
for Lash.)

Also, as a final note: It's not usually worth designing a map to keep certain COs stronger
or weaker. Instead, design your map to play well, and then decide how each CO would
perform on this map and group them into tiers of comparable strength/viability. When you
play on the map, you simply choose which tier you want to be available, and ban all COs
that fall into a stronger tier than that. Typically that leaves a few good options for a
few different tier levels. This is much more practical than trying to make Jake or Koal
viable choices on a map when COs like Von Bolt, Sasha, Eagle, Javier (with at least 1
tower), Hawke, etc. are available to choose from. If there's anything short of a
significant skill disparity between players, these COs will win every time.
wilkyb (07/09/2018 12:11pm):
I wouldn't expect anybody to play a match as Koal versus another player's Grit, or Sasha for example, but
I still want to design the map where Koal vs Jake is somewhat fair. I agree Lash is a higher tier than Jake
+ Koal combined.

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