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The Rings (Design Map by Nodever2)
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Nodever2 (07/02/2018 03:50pm):
Hello everyone. This is my first map. I'd be glad to hear any criticism, and I hope you enjoy.
Jackie Milton (07/02/2018 10:04pm):
Heyo. Welcome to the site.

3-way maps are notoriously hard to balance. this is because it is difficult to give the same opportunities to
all three players. (I.e. the front between GE and BM is closer than those between OS and GE/BM). So
usually the goal with 3P maps is mitigating that imbalance.

You also don't want the fronts to be so choked up with heavy terrain, this wil lead to stalemate. Instead
open it up a little and give players some creative option in how they develop their fronts.

It's not a lot, but I hope it helps.

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