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French Legionnaire in Africa (Design Map by Fascelli 2)
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Rating: 5.50 in 4 ratings
Map Committee Rating: 0 in 0 ratings
Meta Rexy (07/15/2018 02:42pm):
Brown is already going to lose some units due to FTA and the placement of the pre deployed
units. Also, the BM tank has almost no counters except for Rockets, but due to the nature
of this map the Brown army won't be able to do anything about it except waste some Anti
airs to wear it down. Overall, the Brown army just doesn't have much firepower to
efficiently destroy BM's vehicles, and leads to poor balance.

Counter rating the map against the 10. You need to give Brown more space and maybe some
artillery and at least a few tanks if you want this to unfold more evenly.
friendlyold (07/15/2018 11:43pm):
Counter-counter rating against the 1
Xmo5 (07/16/2018 08:12am):
"Ratings go from 1 (awful) to 10 (near perfect)."

Aside from the fact that maps of this style tend to play out rather poorly in general,
Meta Rexy raises legitimate criticism. There's also so much bland, open space that's never
going to be used; you may as well just make a smaller map and leave the BD somewhere
uncapturable (pipes, on an island, etc.)

Also, clearly a case of pet peeve #54974.
Jackie Milton (07/16/2018 09:45pm):
Fascelli, how is it that you have played awbw for so long, but consistently make the worst maps.
Honestly, my hat is off to you. Good work, keep it up.
friendlyold (07/17/2018 04:59am):
I think you'll find that's a complete lie, and there are maps with ratings below 1 so your argument is entirely
Xmo5 (07/17/2018 07:53am):
I agree that people misuse the rating system, but I don't find that a good excuse to
continue doing so.
Jackie Milton (07/17/2018 06:46pm):
I think you'll find that we live in a society.

(The "B" stands for "Bottom Text")
friendlyold (07/17/2018 11:56pm):
I think you won't be able to find your socks when you have to leave the house.
Xmo5 (07/18/2018 08:46am):
I think you'll find my socks while I'm living in a society.

X.J.B.T.M.5. (The "J" stands for "Your signature made me want a BLT so I've decided it
means Jazzberry jam, Bacon, Tomato, and Mayonnaise. Also, my initials are longer than my
username and my signature is longer than my comment.")
Meta Rexy (07/25/2018 05:46pm):
I presume the point of this map is for an attacker to lay siege on an entrenched defender.
But the way this map is laid out, both armies are within striking distance of each other,
so FTA becomes a serious problem.
I see you made edits since my last comment, and gave BD some artillery, but again the pre
deployed placement and FTA mean that the Blue tanks can attack some brown artillery
immediately, and weaken their effectiveness. Even if they can get surrounded and wiped out
in return, Not having good indirects on one side of the map also means that the blue MD
tank can attack with impunity, because aside from the artillery and rockets nothing can
put a dent in it.
You did narrow the openings in the defense, but I think it's worth placing pipe seams on
either side so that the entrances can become up to 3 spaces wide. It gives both attackers
and defenders more flexibliity in where they will attack and counter attack, and prevents
the blue artillery from mindlessly turtling, since it's a nightmare to assault a position
with one opening blocked by a meatshield and flanked by two artillery parked on cities
that will destroy anything attempting to attack the meatshield.

Giving both armies just one turn to organize and prepare for each other is better because
then the Brown army can organize their units as they see fit (and give the rockets time to
move since there's no roads to speed things up), and the Blue army can take a turn to
arrange their units in their admittedly tiny space to prepare. This would feel more true
to the spirit of such a battle, and would minimize the damage from defender FTA, which
encourages pre emptive attacks on disorganized attackers.

I honestly don't have a rating for your map because I don't think it's fair to rate it
without testing.

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