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Echo Ridge July 2018 v2 (Design Map by wilkyb)
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wilkyb (07/08/2018 04:28pm):
I've added another mountain to near the top most base so that BM now begins capture on turn 4 the
Last Edited on 07/09/2018 04:10pm
a9977321 (07/14/2018 05:15am):
It will directly lead to FTA as most players will go for the base first and unit count is important.
In the current meta OS gets the base earlier since a mech needs 4 day as well to get the base.

For the region near the HQ it is nearly the same for a mech and an inf to get properties anyway.

The only case against my argument is that BM sent his first inf to the bottom area for neutral
bases, in which case BM got intiative in the bottom with further sacrifice in the top front. So
the FTA is a certain problem here. BM will always be behind in unit counts before combats.
wilkyb (07/15/2018 10:47pm):
right now the meta is with OS sending the mech top and BM sending the infantry south

I'm having a hard time pushing the meta away from this because there are no alternative ways to win the
game without falling behind big time. I will might overhaul Echo Ridge in order to produce more strategies
& tactics to win the game without being forced to play the economy game.

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