Alora River
Creator: Evil Lord Canas || First Published: 01/09/2006 || Players: 2 || Size: 15x15
Categories: None
Rating: 7.20 in 164 ratings
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Evil Lord Canas (01/12/2006 08:33am):
Please leave a comment if you think it`s fun to give a bad rate...
jhojoe (01/12/2006 10:26am):
Fun to play here but i can't just win!! Alright, even if i'm not good at this i'll just give it a 10/10
jhojoe (01/12/2006 10:27am):
HAPPY!! only joking.. Wanna play again sometimes
Dullahan (01/17/2006 11:14am | Edited: 11/10/2006 04:21pm):
Evil Lord Canas (01/17/2006 11:34am | Edited: 01/17/2006 11:35am):
Imbalanced? oO Both sides have the same amount of start and neutral properties and it
takes the same time for each side to reach these.
Janus (01/18/2006 10:15am | Edited: 01/18/2006 10:21am):
Excelent map 10/10
This will provide us with many good-short games. No airports is a plus. We can even build
ships and have them be usefull. Pity we can't build the black boat yet.
Evil Lord Canas (01/19/2006 06:36am | Edited: 01/19/2006 06:38am):
Heh, thanks for your comment. I hope you liked our game on it, sry for rushing =P
Oh, I always try to avoid airports, they make games too easy and with 3 diffent types of
units it can kill fun, that`s why I placed only 2 bases on each side and one port, too many
stuff would take eternities.
Dullahan (01/30/2006 10:04am):
Gah apparently I can't count... sorry, about that
(02/02/2006 04:37am):
This map is stalemate heaven...
Steven13 (02/02/2006 12:25pm):
good indeed that there are no airports. but they can be cool if you do only b copter and t
copter 9/10
RDS (02/04/2006 05:58am):
That BM infantry isn't really needed... The map size is solving FTA
silver.arrow (02/05/2006 07:26am):
It would be nice to have a little more sea space it that were possible for a good FOW battle.
Grit probably should also be banned.
technolink (02/12/2006 07:33pm):
yea, definately grit ban.
Evil Lord Canas (02/13/2006 06:57am):
Grit IS broken, expect him to be banned in every game.
And now rate this please without knowing of Grit`s existence...
technolink (02/13/2006 04:36pm):
DSid you edit it? Looks nicer, grit kinda sucks now, better sea. This might be my new
glasses though.
RockSteady (02/13/2006 07:44pm):
Maybe consider putting factories on the far lanes where the middleish trees are. So they
each tend more to one army than another and allow you to properly attack down the side if
they don't block it.
mr.len (02/19/2006 02:34pm):
was my first match here. very nice map!
ftyhbvg (02/20/2006 07:08pm):
is the ports really necessary because there's not enough properties and if you do get the $
then you wont have enough to protect there HQ
jhuni (03/12/2006 04:47pm | Edited: 03/14/2006 11:29pm):
Yes the ports are a great addition because of a landers and such.
The_Roses_Thorn (03/18/2006 09:07pm):
As OS:
Day 1: Build 2 infantry
Day 2: Build 2 Infantry
Day 3: Build 2 mechs
Day 4: Build nothing
Day 5: Build a battleship
Day 6: Build a mech
Day 7: Build a cruiser.

Thanks to that little pool area you can get a battleship in there, with an APC
respupplying, and cut off the only entrance with a cruiser. It gives you instant control
of the center, and thanks to the mechs, he can't get a land control before you get the
battleship firing on him.

Try it sometime, it's insane.
Evil Lord Canas (03/19/2006 01:38am):
These are very interesting points but BM also can build battleships to attack cruisers.
Anyway, currently it`s impossible to edit or to do anything because it`s played all time.
I`m going to edit it as soon possible, if these games are over; thanks for your comment.
The_Roses_Thorn (03/19/2006 09:19am):
Only build a cruiser if your opponent builds a sub, otherwise a sub of your own will
dispatch the battleship easily, as BM doesn't have the benefit of a 1 space wide chokepoint.
jhuni (03/23/2006 05:39pm):
even worse the chokepoint has a reef
Evil Lord Canas (03/24/2006 09:07am):
Ya, sry, but you have to wait until I`m able to change something.
Akeif (03/29/2006 01:34pm):
This map is very good for Fog of war game. Lots of trees, montaines, way to sneak in,
rifts. Try this in fog of war it's very chalenging! I give it a 10
Evil Lord Canas (03/29/2006 01:50pm):
Heh, thank you very much for your nice comment =P
conner (04/03/2006 07:31pm | Edited: 04/03/2006 07:31pm):
Can we start yet?
Nahbien (04/06/2006 08:15pm):
As roses stated, OS is slated to win in this map. Their sea poises them for attack, while
BM has to sail far to even make a difference. Even if it was fair there, the map is
stalemate heaven, which was also mentioned.
Evil Lord Canas (04/07/2006 06:21am | Edited: 04/07/2006 06:22am):
As I said before I`ll make some fixes, if I can edit it (there are still many games on it...).
I would be happy, if you could rate my other maps (Alora City & Bridge) and reply my post in
your thread, it would be awesome to know if they can make it in your list.
By the way, how is OS supposed to win, if there`s stalemate heaven?
jhuni (05/11/2006 07:19pm):
I dont think theres ever going to not be alot of people playing this map XD.
Evil Lord Canas (05/12/2006 04:19am):
Does this make me famous? XD
gunner1138 (06/06/2006 07:36am):
Grit returns! Grit should NOT be banned. I love him! =D
xeniox (06/22/2006 11:47pm | Edited: 06/26/2006 01:18pm):
I'm playing this now, it is pretty good. My opponent has a rocket and an artillery and I have two rockets and
60k with a fully charged hachi. I can't wait until he ends his turn and comes by in the morning to see 5 more
rockets and a battleship staring him in the face.

I'm not sure if it is what you want, but for fow games this map would play a lot faster on FoW without those
central forests to hide mechs in. They are kind of nice though because they provide great rocket hiding for
srstarry (07/20/2006 12:10am):
i used Sturm and rushed a recon. then i just rushed everything else. with his +2 def, on
the city, even mechs take time to take it off. on the mean time, the mech can just be
blasted by another recon. ill say BM having only one property to capture on the left is a
good advantage, since the left base can be used to spam recons, while pretty much
equilising out things (bm have an extra infant)
jhuni (08/19/2006 06:19pm):
half a year later and the map still has as many games on it as before
sirfuxalot (08/20/2006 02:58am | Edited: 11/11/2006 01:16am):
Sturm is just a weird CO, maybe he should be banned on a map like this. I still don't see
why your opponent didnt spam mechs when he saw that coming.
DuelStriker (06/30/2007 08:04pm):
Wow. Nice 2P map. Get rid of BM's infantry and its a 10.
9/10 right now
mr.len (07/01/2007 05:59pm):
yes! very nice one... but i lost :(

DuelStriker is right remove BM`s infantry...
Nahbien (07/01/2007 06:54pm):
so it's unfair for BM as OS will win 100% of the time with equal skilled players, so
you're suggestion is to make BM even worse?
jhuni (07/13/2007 06:41pm):
My suggestion without changing the current conditions of the map is too play with 500 funds
per turn. It will make that infantry counter way more effective and it will make the naval units
far less effective. BM will have a much better chance if it is 500 funds per turn.
Emily (07/31/2007 06:40am):
I am here for the first time
Emily (07/31/2007 07:39am):
GoldenJoe (01/05/2008 01:59am):
Hmm. I'm currently playing this map as OS in a league game with snowy conditions.
Although I had a slow start, after looking at the map for a few minutes, I can definitely
see that I have an unfair advantage. The OS seaport is positioned to quickly deploy units
that will have a great influence on the land bridge. Perhaps more importantly, and OS
battleship can reach across the land bridge to hit the BM seaport, but BM battleships
don't have the same opportunity. OS can easily take the sea this way with the help of a
few black boats, a sub, and a cruiser.
tmassing (01/27/2008 02:24pm):
a classic map
Raider00 (06/03/2008 10:07pm):
Same port complaint as everyone else.

Nauraph (11/12/2008 12:51am):
I think I like this map most with 500 income per property.
Very good map though. 8/10
lovetocomment (02/07/2009 08:49am | Edited: 02/07/2009 09:01am):
Indirect combat advantage hello HERE IS A WAY TO WIN GET INDIRECT COMBAT UNITS

I GIVE IT A 5/10
airob (10/27/2009 12:57am):
i seriously wonder why this map has more games than all the S and A-rank united, and yet
people keeps playing on it....
Nyvelion (11/06/2010 04:50am | Edited: 11/14/2012 01:57pm):
I think someone stole your map, I know I've seen this before and it wasn't made by you...
sulla (08/21/2011 12:49am):
old map!
Ignorance (12/27/2012 11:54am):
I like how maps made by map mods always get put into categories and all that, where as
good maps made by other people stall in the ' none' section. Typical if you ask me.

Anyway, this is a good and interesting map, and it's good that's it's not asymmetrical or
symmetrical if you ask me, good job. 9/10
Nyvelion (01/09/2013 10:01am):
I agree with Ignorance...
Mori2 (03/13/2013 07:10pm):
@Ignorance and Nyvelion: We try our best. I have no category for a map that can't be played
competitively, but is still important for the history of AWBW. I think the most fitting one would
be Hall of Fame, but that has usually been specifically for maps that were previously S or A
rank. I still hold that there should be a map category for "Casual", which this map falls nicely
under, as do plenty of other non-categorized maps. It is playable, and it is popular, if the
number of games held regularly on it are any indication, but there are a number of features
on it that make categorization a bit tricky within the framework of the existing categories.

I also miss plenty of maps when people spam a ton of...less than stellar maps, never play on
them, and then leave the site for a week. I do my best to go back through the massive
uncategorized backlog that we have and check, but with the current total map count of about
60774, minus deleted maps, it's a tad large for a handful of people to rigorously police. The
main reason that my maps end up being categorized is because I see them much more
frequently than other people's maps, by definition, and it's usually the same for the other map
mods. I've been trying to push old, unknown maps more recently in the M. Games, but there's
only so many methods for finding them at my disposal. Unfortunately, many of the maps in
the M. Games are my own, which is a genuine shame.

I'm fairly new here in the grand scheme of things, but I'd like to think I'm trying. I'll take any
suggestions on what categories to put it in. Feel free to PM mori2 with any other
uncategorized maps you want me to look at, and I'll get right to it. I don't want to bog down
this map's comments any more than I already have. I'll be at work for another 2 hours or so.


The map itself is still uh...well, theoretically, OS just has such a strong advantage here for a
number of reasons, including the starting funds and starting income, the port and sea
placement, the battleship to base ranges, and the lack of a suitable FTA counter. I can't really
judge the asymmetric style, since it's a conscious decision of the designer. But it's popular
and well liked. I'll throw it in the M. Games and see who wants to play on it.
airob (05/31/2013 04:31pm):
Mori... didnt you get it? Nyvelion agrees...with.. "ignorance" ? ;)
Nyvelion (04/15/2014 04:07pm):
That is a rather unfortunate name for him to have chosen. I did mean it with a capital I
T.Nguyen (09/13/2014 11:40am):
What is the password for this map?

Nyvelion (02/20/2015 05:15am):
It's "passw0rd"

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