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Heavy seas (Design Map by Pulpiscin)
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Rating: 1.50 in 2 ratings
Map Committee Rating: 0 in 0 ratings
Meta Rexy (07/25/2018 06:28pm):
The pre deployed units heavily favour OS, especially the fighters and carriers.
The central bases and airports are so close together that whoever captures one will
capture everything
on the island.

For a heavy air and naval map, you only have one airport per side that's pre owned, and
one neutral airport for each located on the same island, located within spitting distance
of each other. I think you should give each side more airports and ports on the various
islands instead of bases, which make the islands almost impossible to wrestle from your
opponent. The front is extremely wide, and there's lots of dead space in the middle. Most
of the naval units will hover near the islands because they're the only things worth
trying to control on the map.
Last Edited on 07/26/2018 04:56am
Pulpiscin (08/01/2018 12:43pm):
In retrospective this map is very bad, please check out Heavy seas B instead, a revisioned version with a
single uncaptured airport, more funding, and hopefully less FTA.

(P.D.: thanks a lot to Meta Rexy for their feedback.)

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