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Perplexed (Design Map by EterniT)
Categories: New

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EterniT (08/03/2018 03:36pm):
My second attempt at a map. I wanted to do something a little more unique this time. Let me know your
a9977321 (08/03/2018 11:38pm):
I thought the funding might not be enough. 17k for airport+3bases, not to say that there are
5k island properties.
BurningStarFour (08/07/2018 08:54am):
I'm not sure enough value exists in the piped-off bases to encourage any use. I would think you would need
two things to create a desire for players to use them (for anything other than infantry spamming the HQ):
1) More funds - pretty hard to build and fill a lander on this level of funds when you have two other bases to
constantly feed.
2) Either move the port to the other side of the corner or put a shoal or two immediately on either side of the
pipe wall. As it sits now, it would take about as much time to lander a unit somewhere useful as it would be to
just drive there from your other two bases but would be far more expensive and dangerous (since the lander
can't defend itself and once the units are dropped off, they are open to being attacked first on terrible terrain

Looks cool though. I would think if you removed the neutral base and boosted the value of the piped area, this
could be a really fun concept to play through.

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