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Kestrel Eyot (Design Map by Sharkbitch)
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Sharkbitch (08/04/2018 09:58pm):
A redesign of my original map. The islands weren't valuable enough to contest and it was a
bit too cluttered in the middle. Hopefully this fixes things. :>
Bamboozle (08/05/2018 06:07am):
This is pretty cool, but I wonder if you intend the side islands or the main island to be the forefront of the
battle. There are currently 4 captureable properties per side on the main island, and none of them are
particularly contested except for maybe the comtower. Since only one side gets access to a port on the top or
bottom, the islands aren't really contested either. 7 properties per island brings it up to 11 total properties that
one side can capture, and really none of those can be contested substantially by either side. The capture
phase might look a little boring, and there likely won't be too much action in terms of combat until much later
in the game.

As far as fronts go, there also seems to be just one. You would think you could launch a naval/air assault
from the island onto the enemy core, but the gigantic wall of mountains makes it an impediment to deploy
troops and vehicles, so air units would likely be the only reliable means of attack. Even then, without ground troops
to take control, they wouldn't be too powerful.

I hadn't seen the original map, but my suggestion is to add some more objectives or properties to fight over
on the central island. The mountains effectively force both sides to funnel their units into the very center if
they want to attack. Giving players multiple viable routes to attack from tends to bring some more creative
and generally healthier gameplay than just forcing them into one relatively narrow front. You could also
consider giving each side a port near their HQ so that they could contest the islands, as it's pretty one-
dimensional right now.

I like the design and think it could have a lot of potential. Once some changes like those above are made, this
map could become much more action-packed, for lack of a better term, and would transition from a game of
predetermined capturing and building up armies into a more back-and-forth, skill-based game where combat
could potentially start much more early.
Last Edited on 08/05/2018 06:07am
Sharkbitch (08/05/2018 10:00am):
I updated the map to how you suggested. :D

Hopefully it looks better now.

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