Cold Fire
Creator: Voice of Akasha || First Published: 08/05/2018 || Players: 2 || Size: 20x15
Categories: A-Rank, Global League, Heavy Naval, High Funds
Rating: 5.00 in 3 ratings
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cyghfer (12/18/2018 11:38am):
Finally, a sound competitive map featuring a significant naval combat component. Thank you Dalavar.
the FANG (02/18/2019 07:13pm):
Seems not suitable for HF game. The reason is:
1. Hard to use recon, so as most other terrain units cause money shall be used for battleship, b-
boat and air units
2. battleship can cover a huge part of this map, also only 2 factory and many cities to capture
makes player to build inf only
3. too late to have air units, so it's easy to build Battleship first, and then using the anti-air
Zeronix (07/28/2019 12:04am):
This map has been dropped from S-rank due to the high tendencies for stalemates after the naval battle is won on each side.

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