Creator: Shadow Star || First Published: 08/19/2018 || Players: 2 || Size: 24x24
Categories: A-Rank, Innovative
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Shadow Star (08/19/2018 05:20pm | Edited: 08/19/2018 05:21pm):
Not sure if you want to set any lab units or not, probably? Silo are normally a bad thing for maps, and this map
gives each player 2, This is something I have thought about when placing them.
Without breaking any seams each country should get roughly 16 property, 33 property if they break all of their
seams. There is a fourth base if you wish to invest the time for it.
As a map it's going to be how much time you're willing to invest in the extra income.
test_kuma_1 (08/20/2018 01:32am):
this looks fun!!

But I would probably make it more open considering that the players will definitely get
arties. Just to balance it out. 2 Bases might also be enough for this for basically the
same reasons. Though considering how separated the 3 fronts are it might actually work
fine with 3 bases (1 unit goes to each lane... at least in theory)
Ofc my changes are based on just looking at the map, so it might play out perfectly fine.
Like I said in my first sentence: This sure looks like fun! :D
a9977321 (08/20/2018 06:43am | Edited: 08/23/2018 02:46am):
Airport areas feel greatly contested and in theory who made their first extrance into the area
can deny their opponent's entry with a good arty position. That's especially the case for BH
in bottomleft and WC in top-right. Considering the number of corner properties losing a few
in the front does not really matter. Not to say the access to the air.

EDIT: Well the number of seams to break for each side to enter the corner is actually different,
so it might not be a big issue.
Shadow Star (08/23/2018 10:07am | Edited: 08/23/2018 10:11am):
Yeah, threw in the extra seams to have the required seams to break into an airport 3 or 2. so one airport is easier
to get, and the other is the one that could stop your opponent from using air units. I did want to make the reward
greater for greater investments.
Honestly I've considered making the Silo an extra seam, and the com tower an extra seam (making the
requirement be two seams instead of 1) Which, I may actually go ahead and do. some minor edits to adjust stuff.

So, yeah, made a few minor edits.

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