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People-Vultures (Design Map by Gorp900)
Categories: New

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walkerboh01 (09/13/2018 09:11pm):
For aesthetics, I think you should make all of the bordering ocean tiles also shoals. Looks a little disjointed
there as it is currently (the shoals are pretty though).

Otherwise this looks nice, though the city positioning might be skewing battles a bit too strongly to the
Gorp900 (09/14/2018 04:21am):
Thanks for the feedback!
I had the same thought after uploading it, looking at the sea/shoals again, might go ahead and
change them. I haven't fully tested out the map yet so will likely move about some of the cities.
walkerboh01 (09/14/2018 07:04pm):
Another thing to keep in mind for balance purposes is the relative importance of each base.

For BM, the base with the starting inf will be responsible for capturing the neutral base, has 4 cities that
are capturable within 1 turn of an inf being built, and will be responsible for contesting all 3 cities in the

Meanwhile the other base has no base or airport it will capture, only 2 cities within a 1 day range, and will
be responsible for contesting at most one city.

Because of this disparity, whichever player can move from the central base first (in this case BM), will
have an immediate advantage in the game. You want to try to minimize this disparity to make your map as
balanced as possible.
Last Edited on 09/14/2018 07:04pm

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