Crossfire-In Black Forest
Creator: Blick Winkel || First Published: 08/24/2018 || Players: 2 || Size: 28x28
Categories: New, Fog of War
Rating: 7.00 in 3 ratings
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Sami-YingXiangLi (08/24/2018 10:08pm):
The forest in the central area is very unsuitable for fog
Blick Winkel (08/24/2018 11:14pm | Edited: 08/25/2018 12:02am):
A totally new revolution in the understanding of fog games. The core of this type of heavyforest map is that I move HQ to frontfield to force players to take actions, not just stay behind mountains and forests. If oppotents do it as usual, they will lose HQ. Central part is flat so they have to try best to defend your HQ, also oppotents should bear crossfire from army in black forests(Maybe) if they want to win by capture HQ.

In a word, there are huge profit and risk in the central part.

There're points for this map:

1.The way from industries to front is not flat at all. I have tested it to avoid one could rush to HQ very ealry by APC and inf. also rocket is hard to use because of it.(Rocket would make attacks more risky and lead the game more likely to be a stalemate)

2.For players, they have many choices: attack to get HQ? or capture the cites around? or capture more black forests to gain advantages for their next actions? but not choice for just hide and defend

3.this map may be friendly to Navy. A Battelship hide in sea can control large areas or threaten oppotent' industries. Maybe we're willing to making full use of these units in this type of map.
a9977321 (08/24/2018 11:29pm):
A rocket needs 5 days to reach the front... Well it might worth the effort once you got a
slight advantage.

Ban list can include Sami and Sturm for their great advantages in this map.
Blick Winkel (08/25/2018 12:02am | Edited: 08/25/2018 12:04am):
I don't ban rocket in this map actually it encourages players to use indiret units,including Bships :) (excatly the combination of direct with indirect units)
However players should pay more cost in this map if they insist on such powerful unit.

Thanks for advice' sami,sturm and Jr should be in ban list.
walkerboh01 (08/25/2018 02:40am):
I agree with Sami-YingXiangLi that there are probably a few too many forests directly in the center,
although I like the general concept and think it has potential.

The biggest problem I see is the HQ placement. Because both HQs are in the center and next to each
other, the only focus of the map should be the center. If you lose a small advantage here, you will lose the
game, which is not a desirable design goal.

I recommend:
- Reducing central forests by 25%
- Moving the HQs away from one another so that there is a choice to be made between defending your
HQ and attacking your opponent's
- Maintaining enough clear space (no forests) around the HQ so that a hidden artillery cannot protect your
HQ easily
- Reducing the forests from the base to the front, to allow slightly easier access for tanks
Sami-YingXiangLi (08/25/2018 03:47pm | Edited: 08/25/2018 04:03pm):
I'm interested in what you're talking about.

As Walker says, the central area may be widened a little bit, one or two forests can be deleted from
left and right sides, without having to wrap the whole central area with forests.

In addition, the corner of the map is not well utilized, unlike the Everdan‘s “Dragons in the Dark”
where players can't meet in cities near hard-forests (unless they use bboat), but transport units
build later in the game.

In short, this is a great concept map, and needs more tests and fixes.

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