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Stolen Seconds (Design Map by Boh Walker)
Categories: Fog of War, Global League, S-Rank

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Boh Walker (09/01/2018 06:02pm):
This map is based on Bamboozle's map, Stolen Moments:

It has been adapted to be more suitable for Fog of War games.
Last Edited on 09/01/2018 06:02pm
Sami-YingXiangLi (11/01/2018 02:11am):
I played this map 2 times on fog,the contested cities location is just right.

The disadvantage front seems to be very weak, but in fact, another front can also be quickly

The terrain in the corner is very interesting. There are many possibilities.

And the middle is slightly blocked compared to some maps.But it can still move to the top or bottom
to mobilize the units.

Very good FoW map!

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