Wheel of Torment
Creator: FoW Maps || First Published: 09/02/2018 || Players: 2 || Size: 22x17
Categories: A-Rank, Fog of War
Rating: 6.00 in 1 rating
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FoW Maps (09/02/2018 01:35pm):
This map is based on Xmo's map, Spokes on the Wheel of Torment:

It has been adapted to be more suitable for Fog of War games.
FoW Maps (09/02/2018 01:36pm | Edited: 09/02/2018 01:38pm):
Fixed an asymmetric place.

Changelog :
Xmo5 (09/05/2018 12:54pm):
Ha! I saw the name and thought "I'm pretty sure I have a make called Spokes on the Wheel
of Torment, what a coincidence!". Then I saw the map and read the comment and it made a
lot of sense :P

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