Creator: wyj_0081 || First Published: 09/15/2018 || Players: 2 || Size: 29x23
Categories: A-Rank, Global League, Fog of War
Rating: 6.09 in 11 ratings
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wyj_0081 (09/25/2018 02:47am):
for fog
Dzedefiler (06/03/2019 10:05pm):
many would say that it's a nice map, but to my opinion this is just pure garbage map. many reasons. 1) lab. oh boi,, i don't
know if it's my lack of knowledge about the lab, or the whole idea of having a lab is fkn pointless. all i know is that lab
doesn't give income or repairs but it allows you to build "lab units" which they are? because the wiki doesn't say so you've
got to find out your self or be told by some else which had the same issue and got to know about it. (my best guess? i'd
say it's black bomb and stealth fighter). i had this lab for quite the whole game i had in here and i didn't saw the option of
neither of them. donno if it was a bug or something, at this point i was like (why is there a fkn lab if i can't build black
bombs?) well first because it is banned. i'm sorry, but does it have a fkn sense to build a stealth fighter when fighters are
much cheaper and move longer, also they almost kill the "phantoms" in one hit. just look at the amount of cities right? it's
more than enough to build 1 of those stealths per turn, only issue? 0% production on your factories to have a fragile ship
in the air. that means no fodder, such as infantry or maybe mech. i know phantoms are supposed to be used as a tactical
unit, hit from the back and in a pretty specific moment. but from where i am, air force is quite weak and it's expensive, that's
why characters like drake and eagle are EXTREMELY situational. so even B. copters are quite a gamble, (yes i had my
B.copters to deals good damage in my game) but guess what AA is 1k cheaper it deals EXTREMELY well against fodder of
infantry of both types and it deals MASSIVE damage to air force. so why don't you play the strength of the map right, Jake
seems to be quite ahead giving the fact almost 40-50% of the map are plains, and a mix of fodder and tanks would do the
job? that's quite incorrect. smartest would be to have range units right?, but that's quite incorrect as well, because it is
WAY to open. anything can pierce through so that makes range a gamble too and if your opponent opens with fodder too
it's just a fkn boring game of advancing space by space and in this fkn open and big map that's a 100 days long game
which many would like and some others like me would dislike. but it's a matter of adaptation, i mean, the whole idea of the
map is not entirely bad. it's just out of logistic for me, but who knows, maybe i lack a lot! of knowledge still. maybe i'm still

my recap gals and lads.
issues with this map (in my opinion)

1) To big or to open (WAY to easy to sneak a tank or chopper of even recon in the back line)

2) Lab has close to no use. ("Close" not entirely)

3) Naval port. (do you guys have found to involve navy this particular map?) because i would possibly make a sub and a
repair boat and place the boat at the corner reef and send the sub to scout his production. but aside from that which can
be detected and dealt with ease (even easier if you had to be playing with sonja) but would anyone fight with navy when
navy DEMANDS to have high funding and most of the map is based on land?

4)Questionable forest placing.

5)Com towers, i like when each player has their com tower in their proximity with production because its easy to defend
right, but when they are in the basic middle of the map it just means SNOWBALL if you lose it. so i would rather not have
any of that garbage because for the majority of the game it's gonna be "balanced" so why having them on the first place?
just let each character to have their innate strength.

gals and lads this is my opinion so far of this map, maybe i'll gather more knowledge and experience if i get the opportunity
to battle here again in the future.

of course my rating is based on my experience of my first game here, so as i said this might change to a net positive
review from my side as i get more games here.

all i'm going to say is, (Jake is not precisely the best against max) a 10% damage (ON PLAINS ONLY) VS 20% in ALL
(close combat units) and in all terrain is quite a "get steamrolled" for jake. some would say "max has no range at all use
that to your adventage" issue i felt is that as the map is WAY to open, placing artillery or even more of a gamble rocket
launchers is quite obvious and EASILY dealt with as they are fragile units. there is so much more i need to analyse from my
replay that i feel this map is missing some mountain ranges for range to have more impact.

i'll accept with appreciation if someone comes and try to explain some gimmicks of this map to me. right.
Sami-YingXiangLi (06/29/2019 11:34am | Edited: 06/29/2019 11:34am):
Emmmm,this is an open core fog map (from wyj_0081)
You can use the search map feature to view some of the top S-rank FoW maps and watch the replay.
1) This is a way of fog game, because the open terrain, it stressed the importance of the vision.
2) Due to the setting of the league, the current lab does not have any effect. When the settings are fixed, we will set Lab
Units to Stealth, Bomber, Neotank.Also,Ban:Black Bomb.
3,4) The sea is the gimmick and characteristics of this fog map, the setting of the forest is the best in my opinion.
5) The position of the tower is also considered to be just right. It is not in the contest-area, but is slightly closer to the
Violet Evergarden (07/19/2019 03:07am):
i don't know much about fog maps but i'll address the other points that have been made
- the units you get to build when you capture a lab is set when the game is created. it can be any unit the game creator wants
- stealths hit everything, are hard to detect in fog, and can be covered with anti-airs, which fighters cannot fight
- air is important, they give you opportunites to hit things you normally couldn't. b-copters completely counter tanks, so it makes sense that anti-airs counter them in return
- Jake will never be good outside of tier 4. in comparison, Max is tier 2 even on maps with chokepoints. there's no way Jake beats Max, sorry
- from what i see, the usual way to play in fog is to go all-in on a side. if you try to balance all your units, of course the game takes longer
- naval units are too expensive and not having them play a big role is because of that. it's not the map's fault that ships are expensive
- why is the forest placement questionable? would you rather have too many forests and keep getting ambushed?
- you may not see it, but one tower is closer to one side than the other, and vice versa for the other tower
- should you be criticizing maps after a single game where you didn't have any idea how to play?
Meta Rexy (10/31/2019 06:17am):
Quite honestly if you're new to the game, or to this site, I wouldn't start with fog games, let
alone this one.

Try playing without fog, and not with crap COs like Jake. The players here have developed a
meta game from years of practice and experience. It can be limited by the core mechanics of
this game (like the overly expensive naval units) but it's still really enjoyable once you get good.
OlstaSmash (01/12/2021 06:17am | Edited: 01/12/2021 06:18am):
I find it crazy that you can't get to the port in the back through shoals. What's the point of it?
Uncharted᎓ Jake`s Fortune (05/08/2021 11:56am):
People in 2019 were so silly, thinking Jake can't beat Max...

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