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PWNHAMMER247 (11/02/2018 02:32pm):
Heres whats going on: TG mechs are lifting the OS prop things to the movie set and warehouse. TG APCs are
just doing something idk what lol OS apcs (on road) are bringing more props and whatever to the area.The place
with the RF and BD labs is the warehouse, the place with the CI t-copter is the lounge? Maybe? (idk) AB mechs
are camera/sound/lighting crew. and that crazy shitfest is the movie set. Any suggestions for more stuff?
PWNHAMMER247 (11/02/2018 02:33pm):
THIS IS A SEQUEL TO AW THEATRE! ( http://awbw.amarriner.com/prevmaps.php?maps_id=74485 )
Last Edited on 11/02/2018 02:33pm

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