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Smolville (Design Map by pdg_3)
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bizzybuck (10/05/2018 05:30pm):
A fun map for a fast game- really a slug-fest. It may be nice to add a
road? Good overall-- but the piperunner shouldn't be available if there aren't any pipes- buying one
accident is a huge waste of money. Maybe try increasing the unit cap by 5?

(It may be a bit too deadlocked, unsure)

Suggest trying the map with B Copters, T Copters, recon, and APC.
Last Edited on 10/05/2018 07:15pm
pdg_3 (10/05/2018 05:45pm):
Should I add the road around or through the middle of the map?
Should I replace any of the existing buildings with an airport, or add it as another property, and
should it start as neutral?
Thank you for your feedback!
pdg_3 (10/05/2018 05:49pm):
Overhauled the map.
Added a lab in the middle.
More roads and added bridges.
Rearranged the forests and mountains a bit.
Added an airport for each side.
Last Edited on 10/06/2018 01:44pm

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