Creator: jhojoe || First Published: 01/12/2006 || Players: 2 || Size: 31x21
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Rating: 3.38 in 89 ratings
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Patashu (01/12/2006 03:46pm):
Could use more neutral property in the center.
Nyvelion (01/12/2006 06:30pm):
somwhat boring since each side gets their neutral properties on their side without
anything to stop them, so there's little to fight over.
AsaLothario (01/22/2006 10:25am):
Well I have to admit that it looks creative... but like Nyvelion said, there's nothing to fight
over... I mean, there's only one pipe seam per pipeline making it only possible for one team to
EVER access it.

The very least you could do is have 2 respective pipelines close to the teams, and a base
near the pipes in order to make use of the piperunners that could possibly make this map
remotely interesting.

However, if you're going to do that, the terrain that lies beyond the pipes need major
tweaking. So does the terrain around the middle.
silver.arrow (02/05/2006 07:37am):
I agree with AsaLothario. A base next to the pipes would be nice, and another seam for the
pipes. Ad alittle more terain variety, and maybe a pre-deployed battleship for Hq defense.
Add another way for the enemy to get to the cities in the corners, and minimize on the
missile silos. Also add a little more neutral territories in the middle for each army to fight over
such as airports and maybe a landlocked port.
orangeelite (02/20/2006 10:56pm):
like patashu said u should put more nuetral property in the center, then it would be alot
more fun to fight for over in the middle rather then just over 1 factory. i like the way
how u made the piplelins but then like asalothario and silver arrow said, u ought to make
2 entrances so it cna enable both sides to fight over it
jaimehlers (03/10/2006 11:40am):
Get rid of all the missiles and rearrange the pipes so that both sides have equal access to
each area (including adding an extra pipeseam), and add a few extra territories in the middle
to fight over. Right now the battle would basically be "who can build up the biggest units",
and what fun is that?
killme (03/10/2006 01:50pm):
too many pipes.
dboy (03/12/2006 12:34pm):
zanmatto (03/18/2006 03:00pm):
lt._psyco (03/20/2006 12:45pm):
again with the silos.... stop making maps that have half of the buildings as silos!!!
jhuni (03/21/2006 10:29pm):
silos should never be placed on any map... and if u do placem the most u should place is like
4 cause they mess alot of stuff up...
LuminescentSword (03/24/2006 08:30pm | Edited: 03/24/2006 08:31pm):
Silos themselves aren't bad. It's when they're used in excess or put behind pipeline
barriers that it gets bad.

Edit: And by pipeline barriers I mean the "break open the pipeline square to earn a
prize!" type of barrier.
sirfuxalot (05/31/2006 09:19pm):
i dont think the terrain is really that balanced. Blue moon can get reinforcements on
wheels up much faster. I guess the only thing used on this map would be bombers and
megatanks so it won't matter. the silos add strategy but they can make a game really not
fun and even cause a stalemate because everyone will be afraid to make lots of units or
form a line.
ÐÞÂÞÍõ (06/04/2006 04:39am):

akiye (06/12/2006 03:58am):
there's only an airport build more airports!!!!!
lordling0 (09/16/2006 10:06am):
well this is a hard map to play on but once youve gotten close to the other person and keep
sending forces in it just slowly crushes his/her def making them the winner. how ever it you
send indirect combat units into the pipe line area then they can pick off units. it would work
even better if your grit
Hino-Ken (11/15/2006 01:09pm):
Anyone notices that it is actually not possible to place the riefs and shoals around the BM
area? oO
Furthermore BM is defended a little bit better by the sea, where GE only has a river.

Make the map more symetric and add another pipe seam to each pipeline so bouth armies can
enter bouth areas.

Some more properties in the middle would be nice (s.a.) and what the map totally lacks is
Gimme more towers, NOW!
Evil Mastermind (12/03/2006 12:22pm | Edited: 12/03/2006 12:24pm):
i dont really like this map... im playing it right now... thanks to the user Kayos... why i even
accepted without looking at the map will always be a mystery, and is a mistake i wont make

im gonna give this map a 5... wich sounds mean... but will actually raise this maps score...

it not THAT bad...
kiko (12/12/2006 03:16pm):
ok, but what's the best way to fight on it? i've heard the grit strategy, but when i
looked at the analysis of the map battles, i saw that max won 12 out of 13 whereas
grit won like 4 out of 8
MonkeyDGhost (08/26/2007 08:46am):
Too much silos!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
BearTrap (10/05/2007 01:04pm):
this make is sucksville!!!
blanci1 (06/09/2008 12:46am | Edited: 09/12/2008 03:16pm):
map statistics--- 66 games of which 6 =team games (?? presumably all 6 drawn)
while there have been 60 1v1 games with 59 winners (BM=31, GE=28) and thus 59 losers
with just 1 draw.

Map rating = 3.5 in 61 ratings

This map has recieved extraordinary attention (for a non league map) in having over 60
games and over 60 ratings. Yet the average rating is really suprisingly low considering how
people flock to it.
It is almost as if all the losers blame the misile silos for their defeat and
get.revenge on the map by down rating .... just a hypothesis :)
Flawed Logic (11/13/2009 11:46pm):
Well,blanci, this map does blow on any merits, be it taste, structure, or playability.
What with the gratuitous terrain clumping,the uncontested silos and cities, the extremely
powerful starting bases, and the FTA issues with the silos. Bad map, but an interesting
one, due to all the attention it recieves, could this map be bulletproof? 3/10, it is
still playable, judging from the massive amounts of evidence.
Kruegster (02/04/2012 03:56am):
Nyvelion (01/12/2006 05:30pm):
somwhat boring since each side gets their neutral properties on their side without
anything to stop them, so there's little to fight over.

It looks to me me like there is something to fight over: the nuetral cities. The fighting
invovles using the missle silos rather than actual combat. So... it looks pretty boring :D
Nyvelion (02/16/2012 10:31am):
How do they fight over the neutral cities? BM takes bottom left, GE takes top right, and
both sides just stare at each other until someone gets booted.
pen (08/06/2012 02:19pm):
@Nyvelion you obviously don't know a brilliant map when you see it. It's just that awesome, i'm
going to rate it a 1, and why?

Because it's the #1 map in this entire site, so deal with it.
Nyvelion (08/06/2012 02:27pm):
You're good at arguing... I cannot refute that.
Veritech (10/07/2013 07:08pm):
Nyvelion is right. This map is lacking in strategy, the main element of AW that we all enjoy so
much. Which properties will I capture, and which will my opponent take? How will I defend my
sources of income? Will I go for the base or the airport first? And how will I keep the enemy
from getting his hands on them? Not this "nuke the heck outta each other until someone runs out
of missiles or ragequits." 2/10 for originality.
Nyvelion (10/08/2013 07:54pm):
AdvancedCO (11/12/2013 06:46pm):
Because they don't know a bad map when they see one

I never played maps with missile silos because they almost always are like this. Its like WWIII
with that many silos. Also, it is bland... there is really nothing in the middle to fight for!

In the end, without playing it, it deserves a 1-3 for the whole "equal amount given" to each
side, build the most and best units game play, and its general...blandness.
Nyvelion (08/12/2014 01:45pm):
After so many years of hating this map, I realize I never rated it.
Nyvelion (03/31/2015 09:15am):
Why does this map have 4 favorites??
Nyvelion (04/21/2015 01:45pm):
Hanzhe^4 (03/20/2017 10:42pm):
2 yrs later...
mech2000 (05/22/2018 10:57am):
great map!!!

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