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Odds (Design Map by McMiCHaeL)
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Rating: 9.00 in 1 rating
Map Committee Rating: 0 in 0 ratings
McMiCHaeL (10/08/2018 05:17am):
A just for fun map 7vs1, testing your luck while choosing the right path to avoid the Megatanks, but be careful,
even when you can produce more infantry units to try it several times, there is a timer in the right side that you
need to consider, designed to play in FoW with the usual bans. Feel free to comment and rate, and GL.
Naytree (10/14/2018 02:50am):
If AR is a poor sport, they could protect their HQ with a rocket.
The Fun Police (10/19/2018 05:13pm):
When the WN infantries advance far enough they gain vision of mountains on the rightmost side
McMiCHaeL (10/22/2018 08:07pm):
Gonna change the right side to another concept in order to give more turns to reach the end, and to avoid and fix
the FOW advantage, also fix the possible rocket defense as well, thanks for your comments :)

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