fantasy island
Creator: zero212 || First Published: 01/13/2006 || Players: 5 || Size: 35x35
Categories: None
Rating: 7.00 in 16 ratings
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SimaMatt (08/26/2006 05:02pm):
Looks kinda like a person floating in space..
Thefishdude (06/15/2007 02:29pm):
Looks like a horse
DuelStriker (08/11/2007 01:45pm):
Very good for a 5P map :)
Mikydo (09/09/2007 10:56pm):
I like it, its a good map... but it looks like a huminoid blob... either way its kewl
illinskillin (09/10/2007 08:33pm):
looks like a turtle
Yoshi348 (10/28/2007 05:44pm):
Yellow seems to have a distinct disadvantage here, as they're the only ones who don't
start with an airport in infantry range of a base.
Karis Fra Mauro (07/14/2012 07:22pm):
De plane boss, de plane!
DJ-Moogle (07/14/2012 08:17pm):
Not balanced very well. Yellow has a disadvantage especially. I think Blue has the best
start, because they can capture the neutral deployment base in two turns.

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