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Deftly Maneuvers (Design Map by BurningStarFour)
Categories: New

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Xmo5 (10/18/2018 10:34am):
and muscles for rank?
BurningStarFour (10/18/2018 03:20pm):
Fuel burning fast on an empty tank, especially in snowy weather.
Xmo5 (10/22/2018 03:34pm):
(Unless you're playing Olaf)
Zeronix (11/20/2018 09:36pm):
Missing an FTA counter. Could really use an airport
Last Edited on 11/23/2018 03:33pm
BurningStarFour (11/24/2018 07:09pm):
Yeah, I forget the FTA counter pretty much every time for some reason and always remember after a game has
been started. I just fixed it - also added one airport per side in a weak area. I put airports in so many of my maps -
thought I would try leaving them out of it so that the map concept of maneuvering with sea transport would play
out better. Hopefully the airport doesn't ruin that.

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