Deftly Maneuvers
Creator: BurningStarFour || First Published: 10/15/2018 || Players: 2 || Size: 24x24
Categories: A-Rank
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Xmo5 (10/18/2018 10:34am):
and muscles for rank?
BurningStarFour (10/18/2018 03:20pm):
Fuel burning fast on an empty tank, especially in snowy weather.
Xmo5 (10/22/2018 03:34pm):
(Unless you're playing Olaf)
Zeronix (11/20/2018 09:36pm | Edited: 11/23/2018 03:33pm):
Missing an FTA counter. Could really use an airport
BurningStarFour (11/24/2018 07:09pm):
Yeah, I forget the FTA counter pretty much every time for some reason and always remember after a game has
been started. I just fixed it - also added one airport per side in a weak area. I put airports in so many of my maps -
thought I would try leaving them out of it so that the map concept of maneuvering with sea transport would play
out better. Hopefully the airport doesn't ruin that.
super potato (03/21/2019 06:44pm):
Two factories seem not enough for such a wide map. The capture phase may be long and boring. Besides, the income of
each turn could be a little less, otherwise, infs are as important as neo. So, do you think setting the income to 500 is a feasible
Zeronix (03/22/2019 06:10pm):
Potato is definitely right that there's a lot of cities on this map. But I think the high income is interesting, since it will encourage
players to build tech units like megatanks, bombers, and landers to keep up infantry count. Though the capture phase will bebe
longer than usual on this map, the late-game here will be very interesting with all the logistical considerations, and so I'm
comfortable placing this in A-rank.

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