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Echo Ridge October 2018 v2 (Design Map by wilkyb)
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Meta Rexy (10/25/2018 12:57am):
I see you've been constantly editing this map over the last few months.
However, although you've adjusted some terrain and also added more or less properties, it
still plays out very similarly to before, and has the exact same problems.
Overly contested comm towers. Very base heavy, given the relatively static fronts. Very
open in the middle making it hard to use artillery there.

I think you should either A: edit this map WITHOUT making a new AWBW map each time you
edit, and B: let go of the design. I feel like if you'd like to experiment it will be
easier by making a brand new map, without the preconceptions held for this one.
wilkyb (10/25/2018 03:43pm):
wilkyb (10/25/2018 03:59pm):
The comm towers are meant to be contested. I'm not sure what you mean when you say the fronts are
static and the map is open in the middle? Wouldn't an open middle map make the fronts less static?
Would you mind defining some of your terms more clearly to me? I agree that artillery are more difficult
to use in the middle of the map. I'll consider that for the future because I often try for artillery/rockets
but you're right that with the current map layout that they are a bit clunky!

I'll agree to stop creating new maps of Echo Ridge. I did this from the start to document my
mapmaking process and I think now the map is developed enough it needs no more history.

I'm working on a new map currently which I hope to include naval and airport units. I plan on
documenting my map making process when I develop that map as well. I have another core idea I
want to explore on my next map. This stuff is going to take a long time. I'll be making some updates to
Echo Ridge as well because I just love playing on this map and improving the breadth of possible
paths the game can go down.
wilkyb (10/25/2018 04:07pm):
I think the theme of my next youtube upload will be themed "map limitations". I think you've got a good
point there that is worth exploring. Every map has it's limitations, and I will talk about this in in my
next video!!
Last Edited on 10/25/2018 04:08pm
wilkyb (10/25/2018 04:20pm):
In response to your claim that the comm towers are overly contested:

It can be game breaking to lose your comm tower, and this is quite a possibility on Echo Ridge.
I understand where you're coming from, but I like for there to be many possible game-ending
objectives in the game that must be defended (your HQ, your comm tower, your economy). I think it
makes FoW games more interesting when there is the threat of losing the game outright if you play too
greedy while your opponent pulls a quick one on you!

I think between the economy and the HQ rush that there is a meta which hasn't been very much
explored. I see popular maps on AWBW which do not make use of this game mechanic, and so I think
there is a meta to develop here (especially now that FoW maps are their own category). I will try to produce a map that threatens
the HQ from very early on while also maintaining the option to expand your economy or stretch far from your starting zone to
capture that distant airport that will set you back until that first copter comes out to make up for it.

Echo Ridge is more of an economy map than it is a rushing map. I have been trying rushing strategies more recently and I am
realizing that Echo Ridge is indeed limited! My next map (or an updated version of ER will have a threatened HQ capture from the get-go.
Last Edited on 12/20/2018 11:26pm

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