Creator: Sami-YingXiangLi || First Published: 10/26/2018 || Players: 2 || Size: 19x19
Categories: A-Rank, Global League, Fog of War
Rating: 6.20 in 15 ratings
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Xmo5 (10/29/2018 08:26am):
Very interesting concept!
Meta Rexy (11/02/2018 12:26am):
Hmmm the labs provide an interesting form of recon in fog games, and you actually have a
reason to capture them.

Innovative concept. :)
Bereberecho (07/24/2020 05:35pm):
what recon does labs do?? from past games i did in fog of war, labs just showed their own area as visible, am i missing
Bereberecho (07/24/2020 05:35pm):
and by area i mean just 1 square, their own
BlazkowiczPH (02/19/2021 04:29am):
@Bereberecho they provide recon to units that you are going to transport via landers/black boats
Becomingprim (03/24/2021 12:57pm):
I think in league for T1 COs that Javier should absolutely be banned. The Towers are quite close for pushing and always having
one tower for the COP allows you to effectively do something similar to Adder but with always having that 110/110 stats. Javier
has dominated this map as my experience goes. Effectively a better Von Bolt without a downside of having no COP for the
majority of the game.

Maybe if the towers were not so central Javier could be fine but even then, 1T Javier is strong.
schil227 (04/30/2021 11:19am):
This is a really neat map, and provided a neat playstyle.
Fawxkitteh (07/17/2021 03:23pm):
If you don't capture an airport immediately, you lose. I hate it.
Cheese_lc (07/20/2021 11:21am):
I desagree with the previous comment, you can take de towers and send anti-air to the two airports, beacause if the opponent
take them early, he cannot defend this because the bases are so affair. I reccomenden a three reconn and a lot of tanks and

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