Autumn's Grace
Creator: Voice of Akasha || First Published: 11/01/2018 || Players: 2 || Size: 19x21
Categories: S-Rank, Global League, High Funds
Rating: 8.40 in 5 ratings
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Zeronix (04/16/2019 02:03am):
Is this actually a High Funds map? It looks like a standard map to me, albeit with a wonky FTA counter
Voice of Akasha (07/24/2019 05:31pm):
The FTA counter is designed to work both with HF and default settings, although it is somewhat cleaner in HF.
a9977321 (08/03/2019 12:03pm):
One of the neotank playgrounds we got in the tourney.
addyboi (04/01/2020 12:16pm):
Cooked_Rabbit (05/30/2020 01:47pm):
Yellowash (09/03/2020 01:36pm):
Xph.ExL (10/06/2020 08:09pm):
Ilese (01/18/2021 02:18am):
Ilese (01/18/2021 02:25am | Edited: 01/18/2021 02:26am):
Curse you double post.

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