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z16P-Checkers (Design Map by Tmi489)
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Tmi489 (11/03/2018 10:16pm):
16P Checkers

The only unit that should be not banned is the Anti Air.
CO Rules: Preferably, only CO allowed is Sami, but can be flexible (minus Javier/Olaf).
16K Starting Funds, no funds/turn.
Fog Off. Weather is Snow.

Alternate Rules: Sonja only CO allowed, Fog On.

Checkers! 'Tis is a game not on AWBW before, but it is now. Diagonal movement rule optional, but unlike
Boards on here, black tiles are used to look nice and so that you can't go on odd spaces.

If a piece reaches the end of their side of the board, they can destroy the missle blocking their base and
AA. This is dependent on no boots, however.
Last Edited on 11/04/2018 12:12am

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