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Space Wars (Design Map by clord666)
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clord666 (11/04/2018 03:20am):
Two sides with 3 spaceships each fight to take control of this ocean in space.


Teams: On
Tags: Flexible
Weather: Flexible
Fog: Flexible
CO Powers: Flexible
Funds Per Turn: High to enable naval combat with only 6 properties per player
Starting Funds: Flexible

Capture Limit: ON (7 - 10 depending on how many of the 4 contested properties the creator wants captured for
If no Capture Limit or Days Limit is set, alternate wind conditions must be agreed because the black tile placement
makes it impossible for either side to attack opposition spaceships unless the opposition lets them.
If Capture Limit is set, players must agree to NOT RESIGN, as otherwise teammates can easily capture their
vacant properties to win.

Days Limit/Unit Limit: Flexible
CO Bans: Flexible
Unit Bans: Flexible. However, piperunners should probably be banned while infantry and mechs should not be
banned unless alternate win conditions are agreed upon.
Lab Units: Recommended that infantry and mechs are lab units to stop early capture of contested properties. Other
lab units are flexible.
Last Edited on 11/04/2018 03:31am
PWNHAMMER247 (11/05/2018 03:58pm):
wolf_71 (11/06/2018 07:42pm):
Carrier deployment isn't that powerful, unless you're playing Days of
Red-Halo (11/08/2018 04:36pm):
What a bizarre map 10/10
PWNHAMMER247 (11/08/2018 05:37pm):
Someone host a game
clord666 (11/22/2018 06:36am):
Updated the map.

Moved the further spaceships closer to the edge of the sea so their units can actually exit.
Doesn't look as nice now imo but at least its playable.

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